Dropseed Memory Project

In November, a few artists and I teamed up with a writing group at the Senior Center in Iowa City to collaborate for the Dropseed Memory Project. Each writer would write a story based on their favorite memory and then each artist would make a work of art inspired by that story. My partner, Fran, wrote a story about a cantankerous rooster that pecked at her younger sister only to be punished by being flung in the air by their father. It was a hilarious story and really gave me great insight into growing up on a farm in Iowa, something I am gradually learning more and more about. 


Home is Always With You

My sister, Marielle, lives in Berlin and allowed me to draw on her apartment wall when I went to visit her this summer. I drew a view of our old living room in colored pencil on the exposed part of the wall of her current living room. Now she has both living rooms to live in.

"Art for Orphans"

Last September, my high school, Trinity Christian Academy, held an Alumni Art Auction to benefit the Springs of Hope Orphanage in Machakos, Kenya. I donated the following three pieces, each 12 x 12 inches, oil and acrylic on wood panels. The first two were inspired from drawings I made while driving from Iowa to Seattle and camping along the way this past summer.

"Necklace People of South Dakota" 

 "Billings to Bozeman"

"Room with a Window"