After living here two years, I think I'm ready. They say anything grows in Iowa so I've got luck on my side. My friend Heidi Casto and I are diving in and making a garden in my backyard. While digging out the grass, though, it felt like a good opportunity to play around and do what you aren't allowed to when you have a serious yard. I transplanted the uprooted grass from the "bed" into the new "bed" and tried to create a connection between what will be the "controlled" garden to the jungle that is the ravine behind our duplex. I was also thinking about transplanting perfectly good grass for better plants, and the scraping/digging/covering I like to do in my paintings, playing off the shapes I already had and creating new ones with wood from "my kit." I'll update with better pictures as they come, and once this rain stops, we'll be able to plant and then the REAL fun will begin!

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  1. I'm sooo excited about our garden project... grow grow grow so we can eat eat eat! Thank you for letting me share this with you.